Susanna Plotnick

Painter, Illustrator & Doll-maker



29 September 2011

Welcome to my website. I have chosen to share with you the work which has been most meaningful to me over a career that spans several decades. I am also showcasing my current work, which is a series of picture books/graphic novels about witches and their familiars, and their journeys through time.

I want to thank a number of people who have been instrumental in the creation of these books and this website. Martha Schermerhorn for her beautiful book design and for her unending enthusiasm and patience. Monica Wellington, Tom Hart and Matt Madden for their expert and empathic advice. Laurel Doty for her contribution to the story of “Genevieve, My Familiar, A Gothic Fairy Tale”. Janet Morgan for her enthusiasm and her help with photography and publicity. Dennis Pacheco for his expert and patient computer help. Rohesia Hamilton Metcalfe of Hamiltro Website Design for the beauty and sensitivity of her web design. And last, but not least, my husband Gene for his ongoing and complete patience, humor, love and support.

Watch this space for musings and rants on art and its creation, witches, animals, and more gratitude.